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Good Conference Paper Sample

Why Would You Need a Conference Paper Sample?

Delivering a paper at a conference can be a very difficult thing to do if you want to make an impact. But if you want to build your reputation within your field then it is something that you will have to do at some point. Learning how to write that perfect attention grabbing paper to deliver however is not something that is easy.

This is why many researchers and academics will look for support with their presentation. One way to better understand what will be expected of you is to look at an example of a conference paper that has already been written. Samples are often far better at showing you what is required than pages of complicated instructions.

How Can You Use a Sample Conference Paper?

sample-conference-paper-for-your-presentationLooking at a presentation paper sample will often provide you with far more help than any other method. Example papers show you just how your presentation will need to be format and structured so that you can deliver it with ease and keep the attention of the audience. They will also show you how you should word your slides and what types of graphics that you should use to keep the attention of the audience.

You cannot however just simply use a sample as your own, nor can you just reword it a little in attempt to make it unique; it will still get spotted as plagiarism. Samples are only good for guidance and cannot be used. Your own presentation must be crafted from scratch with your audience in mind and you have to understand how to present a paper.

Tips for Writing an Effective Conference Paper

accurate-and-appropriate-example-of-a-conference-paperWhile a presentation paper sample will show you just how your own should look it is rarely enough to just look at an example. The following tips will help you with crafting a conference paper that is going to help you forward your career and build your reputation:

  • Choose the conferences that you wish to speak at with care. Often there will be a call for papers up to a full year before the conference. Do not submit the same proposal to many different conferences.
  • Understand who your audience will be; will they all be pure academics in your specific field or will there be a wider audience that may know nothing at all about your research area? Your presentation will need to be directed to the understanding of your audience.
  • Have a clear understanding of what will be required from you with regards to the format of the conference. Will it be a 45 minute presentation with 15 minutes for questions?
  • Prepare your slides and other material so that they will support your oral presentation:
    • You do not just want to be reading what is written on each slide; slides should be a prompt for what you have to say.
    • Keep slides brief, to the point, and use clear bullets that are easy to read. Don’t try to cram 10 lines of writing onto a single slide.
    • Use graphics that are easy to read and understand and don’t forget things such as scales.
    • Do not use too many quotations, the audience is there to hear what you have to say.
    • Never use jargon, slang or acronyms within your presentation.
    • Keep helpful notes for each slide. This helps with not only your presentation but also if you then have the opportunity to turn your presentation into a journal article.
    • Avoid getting into the minutiae of your argument and specific detailed data.
    • Work on your transitions between slides so that there is a clear flow to your presentation.
    • Avoid excessive criticism of other scholars and their work; after all they may be in your audience.
  • Practice your presentation to your peers several times so that you can iron out any issues with it. Take criticism constructively where it is offered if you want your presentation to be well received.
  • Proofread your slides well so that there are no errors.

We Can Help Write Your Conference Paper


Ours is a professional and highly specialized service that can help you with every aspect of putting together your conference paper and presentation. Our experts work only in the areas in which they hold higher degrees and have years of experience ensuring that you will always work with someone that really understands what you are looking to present. All presentations are totally unique and error free as well as being delivered within the time frame that you request.

So if you have looked at our conference paper sample and want help to achieve that level just get in touch with our specialists here today for support that you can rely on.

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